Built from the ground up with a purpose:

Provide flexibility and intuitiveness to create strategically customized payments.

Payrix offers Payment Facilitators and Acquirers a pain-free, easy to use platform to build omnicommerce payment solutions that transform processing capabilities. The Payrix white label solution allows Payment Facilitators to maintain their brand integrity while offering the same features to their Merchants, ISVs, Marketplaces, and SaaS customers.

Our Focus

In our mission to provide the ultimate Payment Facilitator platform, we've reimagined and rebuilt the tools a Payment Facilitator needs.

Payments and Tokens

A robust payments gateway & secure tokenization power our payments processing

Risk Management

Our risk assessment tools allow you to detect and mitigate fraud in real time

Instant Onboarding

Instant approvals and eliminating paperwork is the backbone of a successful Payments Company

Compliance Management

We've made it simple to stay on top of all your compliance including KYC and AML regulations.

Building a New World of Payments

The move is on! Within financial services, few segments have changed as quickly and profoundly as payments. Just track back a few years to see how transactions have changed. Until recently, cash was still king. Today‚Äôs omnicommerce, cashless environment comes with more opportunity and complexity for merchants, consumers, and the organizations facilitating payments. That’s where Payrix comes in.

The Payrix platform is the engine that powers dynamic, robust payment solutions. We work with all manner of merchants and processors to give them a critical edge. How? By making it easier and safer to move money and data between each of the parties involved in a transaction. And by helping merchants, ISOs, and marketplaces establish relationships and processes that drive their businesses forward.