Creating a positive customer experience in payments

If you have the resources and funding to maintain a fully owned and branded payments experience, then becoming a payfac is a no brainer. Good on you! 

However, most SaaS companies aren’t there yet. If you find yourself desperately knitting a patchwork quilt of customer training documents, automation software, transaction emails, API calls, customer service requests and compliance checks, there is a better way. It’s time to consider using an integrated payments partner to help support your customer experience as well as your business as a whole. 

In the past, the only real option in the Australian market for companies like yours was to go with an ISO who would completely control your customer communications with a one-size-fits all methodology. This creates a disjointed experience for your customers, such as having payment forms sitting outside of your platform on hosted pages and your brand not featured on communications. Maybe you’ve already gone this route and know too well its shortcomings?

Luckily, recent developments mean that some providers in the form of integrated payments partners now offer a more customisable experience where you can still get all the help you need with merchant onboarding and merchant management, but the actual payment software is fully integrated into your own platform, giving you the power to white-label and process payments all from within the one platform. 

Your brand is also featured on emails, hosted payment pages, and application forms (to name a few), giving you the ability to create a smooth customer experience, without the in-house army required to manage it. 

With Payrix as your integrated payments partner, you can create the best merchant experience and enjoy the benefits of payment facilitation without the associated risks. Another no-brainer.

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