If you’re an Australian software provider, you’ve got options

In the thirteenth episode of PayFAQ: The Embedded Payments Podcast brought to you by Payrix, host Bob Butler interviews Tony Braden, Head of Product and Enterprise Solutions for Payrix Australia about the options Australian software providers have when choosing a payment model for their business. 

Tony has 35+ years in software development, business analysis and project, product and business management. Early in his career, Tony worked on the technology and consulting side of HR and payroll systems until he founded a software solution for recreation centers and gyms. In 2009, he joined forces with a payments company and founded IntegraPay.

When IntegraPay was formed, it gave their customers a single point of integration, aggregated settlements and easier reconciliation. The solution was simple to implement, more secure and less expensive to support.  

In October of 2020, Payrix announced the official launch into Australia and New Zealand as it completed the acquisition of Brisbane-based payments service provider, IntegraPay. 

According to Tony, SaaS companies in Australia should be looking for a partner that can solve for the pain of developing their own payments solution as well as a solution that is a single point of integration for different payment types and different countries. Other important factors include easy onboarding of merchants, security, accessible payments expertise and the revenue stream created by the payments volume. 

The three key points Tony mentions when going global are a single point of integration, local presence so that there is someone in-country that knows the nuances of payments and finally they should be looking for their payments’ provider to be a true partner. 

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