Payrix sees 6.5X growth as digital payments take off

Learn more about Payrix is leading the way in the embedded payments space.

Is Your SaaS Business a Good Fit to Become a Payment Facilitator?

Payrix explains how SaaS companies can avoid the Ikea-furniture-assembly-effect on their path to payment facilitation.


Does Payment Facilitation Make Sense for Your Business? 

The 5 key considerations for software companies and marketplaces. 

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Payrix 101

Learn more about Payrix and the industry's only fully progressive solution from payment partner to payment facilitator.

Staying Ahead of Spending Trends This Holiday

Chief Marketing Officer Sara Hightower talks about what to expect this year and how to help your merchants build lasting customer loyalty. 


Payments Will be Software's Holy Grail 

Payrix President Bob Butler explains why the most successful SaaS companies in 2020 will grow on the back of payments.

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Owning the Customer Experience: Why Control Matters

To fully realize the potential of controlling and monetizing an embedded payments solution, its essential to take a customer-centric approach.

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Six Steps to Facilitate Payments Like a Pro 

Payrix President Bob Butler lays out the easy steps any SaaS company can take to kickstart their payment monetization.


The Elephant in the Payments 


Payrix CMO Sara Hightower explains how a fundamental tension must be solved for true disruption in payments. 


Trends Shaping Payments in 2020

Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Benny Silberstein explains why he thinks 2020 will be the most customer-centric and innovation-focused year yet for FinTech, payments and banking. 

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