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Payment processing has become a critical piece of our top-line revenue and opened the door for us to place more strategic bets, increase company valuation and have a more profitable outlook in the future.

Accelerating Growth Through Payments

We sat down with Sean Stavropoulos, Chief Technology Officer of Boulevard to discuss the power of flexibility, customer delight, and optimizing payments

That wasn’t always the case for Boulevard, a software platform that provides intelligent scheduling, business insights, customer experience, and loyalty tools to appointment-based businesses like salons, spas and more. 


Prior to moving their payments business to Payrix, Boulevard’s transactions were stuck in a static solution that lacked the flexibility required to service larger clients as the business evolved. Acknowledging that payments was core to the business but not yet a major source of revenue Stavropoulos shared how “it was equally important to be able to dynamically price merchants and bring on new clients in a way that made sense to them.” In choosing Payrix it was “the flexibility of [both] the platform and business model that made our decision to move clear.”


From the start of the relationship, Boulevard and Payrix worked together to understand what growth looks like for the business, paving a path to long-term revenue. Since integrating, Boulevard has crafted the entire user experience, from accelerated on-boarding to dynamic funding, all the while turning payments into a key revenue driver. 


A growth engine at every level 

With a keen sense of the challenges facing the salon and spa market - thin margins, disjointed systems, and a need to focus nearly all energy on customer experience - Boulevard has used the Payrix integration to offer its clients deeper business insights and greater control of their financial destiny. It’s why today Boulevard sends 100% of its existing and new business through the Payrix platform. 


The partnership with Payrix has afforded new opportunities for strategic enhancements and innovations to the platform as well. Flexibility enhancements for reconciliation and reporting, deeper CRM-capabilities, extended markets, and top-of-the-line hardware will support Boulevard’s future growth and vision to transform the experiential retail marketplace.

Payments revenue is a large part of our business plan and will lay the foundation for creating a comprehensive ecosystem that makes the lives of nonprofits easier.

Taking Control of the Payments Experience 

We met with Misty Novich, VP of Payment Solutions at Neon One to chat about integrated payments

and the winning combination of technology, flexibility, and control

Despite a steady influx of technologies meant to serve the nonprofit space, they’ve shown to often be inconsistent in experience, poorly integrated, and hard to use - a difficult hurdle for most nonprofits working with limited resources. Neon One is on a mission to change that: building an ecosystem of technology and services that enable those who want to change the world and make it a better place. Their cloud-based software suite supports donor engagement, member management, event planning, volunteer tracking and more, allowing their clients to put focus back into doing good. In pursuit of transforming how nonprofits are supported, Neon One knew their clients faced integration issues and lacked payments expertise. Thus, a critical piece of their ecosystem is NeonPay, Neon One’s fully white-labeled integrated payments solution built with Payrix. 

Realizing Revenue Potential

Before partnering with Payrix, Neon One was juggling multiple payments partners with poor customer support and technology too cumbersome for their clients to navigate. By integrating with Payrix, Novich shared how in short order “we coded, tested, and had merchants onboarded and processing payments.” When selecting a payments partner, Neon One focused on speed to market, ability to evolve the platform, and elevating their clients’ experience. “The entire Payrix team is invested in our success and has been incredibly attentive and diligent in ensuring all of our needs are met.” Before consolidating with Payrix and creating NeonPay, the organization was far from fully realizing the revenue potential of payment monetization. 

Powering More Good Through Payments

Focused on building for the future, Misty Novich told us how “payments revenue is a large part of our business plan and will lay the foundation for creating a comprehensive ecosystem that makes the lives of nonprofits easier.” As Novich put it, this will allow Neon One  “to provide our clients with everything they need to create change and drive greater social impact rather than worry about the technology behind it.” Leveraging Payrix to build NeonPay has improved the user experience across their family of brands while helping their clients afford new opportunities to move their mission forward.