Six Steps to Facilitate Payments Like a Pro

Bob Butler, President, Payrix


For SaaS companies, payments have traditionally been a necessary yet complex utility - like keeping the lights on, you need them to run your business. But what if necessity wasn’t all there is to it - what if your payments provider could help you afford new opportunities for growth?


As I and others at Payrix have shared, we believe the most successful software companies will grow on the back of payments, and that guidance from a partner will help you stay focused on what you do best. 


We’ve designed our platform with SaaS at the top of mind, offering three models to cover you regardless of your payments appetite. If you're looking to immediately monetize payments, I recommend our hybrid Pro model. You can use it as a stepping stone toward full payment facilitation or find it is exactly the solution you need. We’ve made it so you can become a “pro” in only six steps.

1. Submit sponsorship & legal requirements


By selecting Payrix Pro, you’ve already taken the first step. No need to gain bank sponsorship or navigate legal requirements - we’ll take care of this for you. 

2. Customize your experience


You have complete control of your payment experience and set your preferences, including on-boarding, branding and all other transaction activities.

3. Configure on-boarding 


Seamlessly integrate your process for boarding new clients with customized sign-up forms within the Payrix user interface or via API.

4. Manage users & client submissions


Manage all user logins and permissions, while tracking client submissions from within our user interface, or use our API set to build it into your platform.

5. Control screening & approvals


As you submit new clients, they’re screened for compliance, quickly approved and ready to accept payments. Add your own rules for risk decisioning to take screening to the next level.

6. Set up reporting & insights 


Select from a white-labeled user interface or flexible API to begin tracking all transaction data including funding, billing and chargebacks.


With Payrix Pro, we’ve cut out the pain of staffing risk, compliance and support teams who need to fully understand the complexities of payments. It’s an all-in-one solution with full customer support and technical assistance through the integration process. 


Whether you're newly exploring payments solutions, or already on the path to payment facilitation, make Payrix work for you. From payments partner to payment facilitator, our platform puts you in control of the experience to optimize revenue for maximum growth.


To learn more about Payrix Payments Technology and how it can work for you visit or contact to schedule a demo.


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