Staying Ahead of Spending Trends

This Holiday


What to expect this year and how to
help your merchants
build lasting customer loyalty

Sara Hightower, Chief Marketing Officer, Payrix

The holiday spending trifecta upon us. Before any of us can fully digest our Thanksgiving turkey we’ll be consuming copious stories reporting the spending stats and drawing inferences on what we can learn from Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday (and don’t forget Giving Tuesday). 


If you’re a merchant or service provider anticipating business over these holidays, it is more important than ever to control your payment experience - helping to greater secure share-of-wallet and breeding loyalty with your customers via a seamless and positive experience. If you are a software company or marketplace, this means providing the right business management and customer loyalty tools with integrated payments in order to empower your merchants to cultivate long-term relationships with the consumers buying from them.


What exactly does this mean in the face of 2019’s current conditions and where things are headed? Let’s dig in...


Blurring online and offline - pay no attention to the delineation between Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday - consumers certainly aren’t. In fact, despite having separate days for in-store vs. online the reality is that customers’ spending (and the journey pre- and post- transaction) rarely takes place in just one channel. Merchants need to ensure a seamless, frictionless experience for their customers, which means marketplaces and software companies providing their customers with customizable branded mobile apps, full range of wallets in eCommerce, click to pay, stylish and user-friendly devices, subscription options and more. 


Size doesn’t matter - The proliferation of technology means that customers expect a personalized, reliable and transparent transaction and overall experience no matter the size of the merchant. Single sign-on mentality now extends far beyond our social networks and the mere suggestion of re-entering data or a slow down in a customer’s process creates significant friction and potential for breakage in the journey. The good news is that software solutions are catching up to expectations and serving far more verticalized and specialized industries than ever before. This means reliability and security that ensures even SMBs are providing a premium experience while staying secure from processing disruption, extraneous chargebacks and fraudulent returns.  


Fraud is everywhere - The threat of fraudulent charges and concerns over data security are increasingly top of mind for every participant in the commerce ecosystem: from the consumer, the merchant, the payments software, card brands and processing banks. Best-in-class business management and customer relationship platforms with strong integrated payments provide a risk-centered solution that alleviate and mitigate headaches like chargebacks, gift card fraud, return fraud, and data security breaches both up- and down-stream. 


Big data is yet to be harnessed - knowing your customer is one of the most fundamental ways to drive repeat business and upsell your products and services. And yet, the power of data and analytics is still rarely fully realized. This is true whether you are a merchant looking to gain intel on what customers are buying, to create custom offers or add-on purchases; or you are a software platform that can differentiate within your space through advanced business insights and custom reporting. Token- and merchant-level transaction data captured during peak periods like these holidays provide valuable insights to growing your business into 2020 and beyond.


As the days tick down to 2020, smarter, seamless, integrated payments solutions are table stakes for successful software companies, digital marketplaces, and business platforms. To learn more about how to own your payments experience, manage risk, and control payments revenue contact


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