Creating a One-Stop-Shop for K12 Schools with Embedded Payments

How does Infinite Campus leverage the Payrix solution? David Van Meter, Chief Product Officer of Infinite Campus joined Host, Bob Butler on PayFAQ: The Embedded Payments Podcast to chat about the key advantages of Payrix. In this episode, Bob and David discuss speed of boarding, flexibility and the ability to white label.

David kicks it off by talking about his software implementation background, the payment solution Payrix helped Infinite Campus roll out to their K-12 school customers and benefits and improved customer experience they’ve seen from the all-in-one embedded payment solution.

David started in enterprise software development and implementation in his early career and has been with Infinite Campus for just over 20 years. 

Infinite Campus was founded a little over a quarter of a century ago. They manage student data for over 8 million students in 45 states across the country – This includes about 2,000 school districts. 

Payments was a system or functionality that they started about 12 years ago by allowing school districts to collect fees. This evolved into food services sales and eventually launched registration and payments capabilities for sports and extracurriculars.

According to David, “We needed a solid and current technology foundation in our partner. We needed them to be big enough to have broad experience but not so big that we got lost in the shuffle.” 

The ability to white label the solution was paramount in their decision to use Payrix. Additionally, one of the most critical capabilities that Payrix was able to provide was speed of boarding. With their previous solution it could take them up to a month to board a customer, but partnering with Payrix allowed merchants to board in about 2-3 days.  

David goes on to talk about how the Payrix solution allows them to use consistent terminology across their platform, provide a seamless experience to their customers and leverage all of the features and functions of the Payrix solution during implementation and more.

Lastly, David encourages newcomers to Payrix or payments to leave the baggage, experiences and limitations of previous providers behind and take full advantage of all the embedded features and functionality that Payrix has to offer that reduce that amount of work during integration. He explains that the Payrix technology is unique and beneficial and advises to really get to know the technology available through the APIs.

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