Facilitating the Future of Field Services With Embedded Payments

When it comes to payments integration and how it can benefit SaaS companies looking to optimize their customer acquisition and retention, this quote sums it up:

“You have saved me so much time that I can focus on growing my business.”

How would you like to be the driving force behind giving your customers the one thing they can never get enough of? In this episode of PayFAQ: The Embedded Payments Podcast brought to you by Payrix, Host Bob Butler interviews Ryan Oakes, VP of Payments for FieldRoutes, about how payments integration has benefited the company and their customers.

Ryan has been in the fintech industry for more than 20 years, predominantly in product development and operations on the issuing and acquiring side with a heavy focus in the payment facilitation for several of our top industry leaders that include Global Payments, TSYS and ProPay. 

FieldRoutes software is used by their customers for selling and onboarding their merchants, scheduling and performing services and customer support as needed. They have an amazing field service management software but the payment functionality was loosely integrated, so Ryan saw an opportunity to provide a superior product and customer experience by better integrating payments and a payment facilitator model into their platform.

Ryan explains how integrating payments into FieldRoutes cloud-based and mobile SaaS solution has enhanced their bottom line by helping their field service customers grow quickly, scale intelligently and increase revenue. Not to mention, how Payrix made this possible so effortlessly and efficiently.

He describes the Account Updater service provided by Payrix as an invaluable feature for FieldRoutes and their customers because of the weekly, monthly and quarterly basis of services. It automates customer payment information when previously, thousands of dollars in revenue were being lost due to out of date payment information.  

Ryan speaks about the challenges that come with integrating the payment facilitator model, how to manage realistic expectations and how to reach the end goal of making payments understandable, easy to manage and transparent, which Payrix has made possible.

Lastly, FieldRoutes looks to be a registered payment facilitator in the next 24-36 months with the help of Payrix. The crawl, walk, run approach Payrix takes to payment facilitation was a factor in determining the best payments partner possible for their near and long-term goals.

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