Drive Total Enterprise Value with a Premium PayFac Partner

Generate 2-5x in net revenue, enhance LTV:CAC, expand TAM and drive TEV

We partner with PE/VCs to offer the ability to fully monetize payments, improve LTV and customer experience – while Payrix holds the risk and liability

  • Monetize your SaaS platforms, add or enhance payments revenue stream
  • Dedicated team of payments experts to handle payments
  • Payrix has the best economics on the best technology with the best team

It really is that easy.

Power your Possibilities
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What Payrix Can Do For You

Add Enterprise Value

Monetizing payments is hard, creating a strategy is harder – we make it easy while holding the risk.

  • Optimize portfolio payments monetization
  • Hold the risk and liability of each portfolio
  • Simple, granular ROI model to identify full payments opportunity

Preferred Partner

An embedded payments partner for your growth and investment teams.

  • Risk assessment for targets
  • Single payments point of contact – increased visibility
  • A trusted extension of investment teams, assisting on diligence and identifying TEV potential
  • Creators of payments go to market strategies for whole portfolios and portcos
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Transformation Stories

A smarter move

Property management SaaS company ResMan wanted to drive revenue growth, while making a name for themselves in the market. Payrix helped them achieve both.

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“(Payrix) they’ve been an invaluable asset not only working with individual portcos, but during diligence and deal execution to identify growth plans for targets”

– Vice President of Growth, PE Partner


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