Payrix sees growth at over 6.5X as digital payments take off

Robert Butler, Chief Commercial Officer, Payrix


Payrix, the first to market with a comprehensive embedded payments offering - has seen the demand for digital payments and commerce take flight. As we look ahead towards a post-COVID economy, Payrix is proud to continue leading the way for our SaaS and integrated software clients’ success. A bright light during an unprecedented time - our clients can monetize payments by embedding our technology within their platform or application. As a result of this enablement, we have seen volume, merchant and transaction year-over-year growth exceeding 6.5X.


Even more important than our growth during these unprecedented times, we have accomplished it while making clients happy…our ultimate goal. From the beginning, our mission has been to provide a solution that meets our clients where they are in their journey. From here, we offer the tools and expertise to monetize payments and create an awesome customer experience within their software. Storable, the best-in-class tech brands in self-storage, built their consolidated payment solution on Payrix’s payment facilitation platform.    


“Our goal was to create a frictionless payments experience for our industry-leading technology solutions for self-storage businesses. Payrix has the comprehensive and flexible solution to achieve this,” said John Durrett, GM Payments at Storable. “We were able to consolidate several legacy payment solutions to create one best-in-class offering, which has been vital as we work to enable embedded commerce seamlessly for our customers.”


Experience Matters…


Whether your SaaS business is ready to become a fully enabled payment facilitator with a payment infrastructure like Payrix Premium, or you’re looking to crawl, walk, run towards capitalizing on payments using a payment facilitation-as-a-service like Payrix Pro, experience matters. In these spaces we’re leading, we are committed to delivering both experience and solutions that make something as critical as payments, easier for our clients.


Payrix has the original complete embedded payments offering of payfac-as-a-service to payment infrastructure as-a-service solution. This mature “in-house” offering has been tried and tested and is not easily imitated. 


As we look toward the future, we know the adoption and demand for solutions like Payrix is only going to continue to grow. A recent Bain & Company article mentions that the COVID-19 impact to our economy put a fast-forward on the already high growth rates of digital payments by an additional 5-10% globally. The key to capitalizing for us, is to ensure that our clients and their merchants are prepared to make it easy and seamless for their customers.


“The need to adapt to disruptive changes brought about by COVID-19 will continue to accelerate digital payment adoption; and infrastructure as-a-service in fintech is transforming the way software companies interact with their customers,” said Payrix Chairman, Rob Wechsler. “Payrix has the leadership position because of the end-to-end Payrix Pro to Payrix Premium solution; which the competition is just now attempting to imitate.”


Payrix is coming off our strongest performing sales quarter to date with the largest number of new platform clients to date coming on board to utilize Payrix Pro and Payrix Premium. Our experience as pioneers in the embedded payments and infrastructure as-a-service space has laid the foundation for new and existing clients to grow in 2020 and beyond.

Our recent success comes amidst explosive growth at the intersection of payments and software. With the fastest growing platform and our comprehensive product set - attempting to be replicated by the market - Payrix is perfectly positioned to continue its leadership role in digital payments and commerce while delighting our clients along the way. 

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