January Release Notes

As we continue to optimize our user experience, we are excited to share the latest enhancements. Highlights from the releases deployed in January are provided below.

Portal Additions

1. Validate New Accounts

On the Merchant Sign-up form, our integration with Plaid now allows you to validate the bank account you'd like to add.



2. Notes Timestamp Added

You’ll notice we’ve improved the transparency of merchant notes by including a timestamp when a note is created.

3. Improved View of Disbursements

In cases when a disbursement fails, you’ll notice we’ve added the date this occurred under “Withdrawal Status.”


1. Document Upload Settings

We’ve enhanced our sign-up form functionality to allow you to specify required documents for onboarding, and enabled you to create a custom message with a reason for the requirement.

2. Division Level Alerts

As you set-up new alerts, you have the option to do this at the division level to allow an entire division portfolio to receive updates any time an event triggers an alert.

3. Alerts for Disbursement Entries

To provide more control over disbursement entries, we’ve added a new alert that triggers when all entries are generated as this often happens after the disbursement is processed.

Search & Sort Improvements

1. Group Portal Layout

We’ve adjusted the format to display your group options as individual tabs to improve your view.

2. Improved Login Naming

For additional clarification, we’ve updated the LoginID to “Parent Login ID” to indicate you are the parent user of the login referenced.



1. Skipping Disbursements

When you set your withdrawal schedule to “daily,” you have the ability to skip disbursements that fall on a weekend or holiday. For all other scheduling cycles, this option has been removed to prevent payout delays.

2. New Payment Return Report

For a simplified view of your balances, we’ve added a Payment Return Report that automatically calculates negative entries.


If you have any questions regarding our January releases, please reach out to the Payrix Service Desk.

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