Securing Your Business in the Time of a Pandemic

Sara Hightower, CMO, Payrix


Moments like those we’ve faced in recent weeks and months across the globe force true introspection and an examination of what matters most - both in business and in life. The pandemic and its economic effects will be felt across businesses large and small, grappling with predicting the unknown in how this might impact revenues and how to protect the jobs of the people who make up our businesses. 


While many organizations are adjusting their routines to home offices and Zoom calls, digital commerce is enabling countless businesses to rethink what they sell, how they sell, and where they sell; making it more important than ever for software companies and digital marketplaces to be weary of outdated financial infrastructures and customer friction. This moment in time allows businesses to reassess systems and strategies to determine the critical elements to survive and thrive. Transforming your embedded payments platform can fundamentally change your business’s topline and bottomline, creating strategic advantage in competing for and retaining customers. 


How do you save costs? 


Reduce cost for your organization via efficiencies in:

  • Risk, compliance and fraud prevention: rather than maintaining overhead to stay on top of these ever-increasing threats, Payrix offers automated risk scoring, industry-best 3rd party partners, and an experienced risk and compliance team available to provide expertise

  • Reduced friction: outsource the headache of complexities with credit card networks, acquiring banks and other hurdles of doing business in today’s digital world

  • Management and support: the Payrix platform provides a singular portal dashboard for you to view your payments business - from referrer, to merchant, to transaction

  • Development: Payrix’s API-first technology streamlines deployment of your payments solution leaving development resources available for other revenue generating activities


How do you generate growth? 


As outlined above, often payment processing for your platform can be a cost of doing business. But there are meaningful ways that payments solutions can add value to your business: 

  • Revenue Generation: earn a share on every transaction that flows through your software platform, application, or marketplace 

  • Reporting & Insights: in a time when every sale counts, payment data and insights will ensure you and your customers can stay dialed in to business activity at all times

  • Total enterprise value: recurring revenue from payments increases the TEV of your business and strengthens your case for investment and valuation

Payrix Payments Technology makes it easier for software companies, digital marketplaces & business management platforms to generate payments revenue and create the best commerce experience within their platform. Reach out to to try our revenue calculator for your business and find out about waived monthly fees for select verticals in 2020.


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