Get started with payments and unlock new revenue streams with Payrix Integrated – the customizable integrated payments solution that comes with full support. Designed for SaaS companies looking to accept payments without having to take on too much of the heavy lifting.

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All payment types. One easy integration.

Allow your customers to accept payments from anywhere, with Payrix Integrated’s powerful payments API and SaaS-ready solution. You will have access to multiple payment channels through one provider, including mobile, online, point-of-sale, recurring, invoicing and more.

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One API, unlimited possibilities

Experience optimal performance and compatibility with Payrix’s best-in-class API, built on REST and available in multiple programming languages. Our API comes with full support and comprehensive documentation to ensure a seamless integration process.

Core Benefits of Payrix Integrated

Customise to suit your needs

Payrix Integrated offers a range of customizable options, allowing you to tailor the solution to your specific business needs, without the need to adjust your platform and teams to fit a generic payment integration.

Advanced Payment Capabilities

Payrix Integrated provides advanced, industry-leading payment capabilities such as fraud detection, chargeback support and more, so you can process payments with confidence and security.

Premium Support

Payrix Integrated offers premium support, with a team of payments and software experts on hand to provide guidance and assistance throughout the entire process, from concept creation to setup and launch, and through to ongoing maintenance.


Manage Your Merchants With Ease

Effortlessly manage your merchant portfolio with Payrix Integrated’s unparalleled features and inclusions such as a pre-built partner portal, advanced reporting, automated communications, and full visibility across your entire portfolio. Our team of payments and software experts also provide hands-on merchant management and compliance support, allowing you to focus on growing your business while we handle the heavy lifting.


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Why Software Companies Choose Payrix Integrated

With Payrix Integrated, you can reap the rewards of a payment integration without the risk or heavy lifting. Our API-first technology platform gives you the best of both worlds, with best-in-class infrastructure and full support:


  • Single REST API integration for all payment channels and types
  • Customisable fee structures and pricing
  • No large in-house investment necessary to unlock real business growth
  • Easy, comprehensive merchant management with hands-on support
  • Access to advanced partner insights and pipeline management
  • Ability to go live quickly with a full-suite of payment capabilities and pre-built features
  • Built in fraud detection and payment data protection
  • Fully managed underwriting and risk assessment
  • Best in class infrastructure for seamless integration with your software

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