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You bring the passion. We bring the integrated payments technology and expertise — along with our passion for helping vertical software companies transform and grow.

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We can unleash more
possibilities, together

Together we can unleash more possibilities — more customer love, loyalty, and revenue — to help support and guide the future of your business, every step of the way.

Whether you’re looking for a low-risk solution to monetise payments, or want a path to becoming a fully-registered payment facilitator, Payrix is dedicated to empowering you to seamlessly monetise payments with our next generation payment infrastructure. You’ll be better-positioned to scale and fuel your business for real growth, and achieve your vision for your company.

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Meet our local management team

Theresa Chalmers

Head of Partner Success

As Head of Partner Success, Theresa is passionate about helping our integrated platforms succeed. With a diverse management background in culinary arts, wine, and technology companies, Theresa applies core principles of listening, collaboration, and attention to detail with all of her partnerships.

Rob Baird

Head of Sales (APAC)

Rob has extensive experience with leading international business developing and executing revenue strategies in diverse and challenging environments. Previously as the Sales Director of Ezidebit & Eway, Rob was instrumental in accelerating revenue growth, resulting in the successful sale of the business and a new role as Sales Director of Global Payments Australia. Bringing industry expertise and proven performance as a sales leader, Rob joined Payrix (formerly IntegraPay) as GM of Sales & Customers to strengthen our focus on software partners. Rob lives in Brisbane with his daughter and loves the outdoors, good wine and sailing.

Tracey Bowater

Head of Client Success (APAC)

With over 10+ years of experience leading client success teams in payment services, Tracey is the go-to person for anyone looking to understand the payments industry. Her extensive knowledge and leadership skills have been put to use creating a market leading support function for our integrated partners, with hands-on merchant management and advice making up a core part of what makes Payrix different in the local market.

Zac Lutton

Head of Risk and Underwriting (APAC)

As Head of Risk and Underwriting, Zac is our integrated software partner’s front-line defense in mitigating fraud and reducing exposure to risk. His team use thoroughness, attention to detail, and comprehensive industry knowledge to protect our partners, and is proud to be leading one of the safest underwriting and risk management services available in the Australian market.

Nina Han

Financial Controller (APAC)

As our Financial Controller, Nina applies extensive experience within accounting and financial analytics to ensure Payrix can continue running smoothly. As a fast growing company within the APAC region, Nina plays a crucial role in turning our revenue and profit into actionable growth that can further fuel our integrated partners.

Billie Maher

Marketing Manager (APAC)

With a background in SaaS marketing, Billie has a deep knowledge of how software companies function. Combined with deep market research and insights, Billie is instrumental in creating local marketing strategies that connect with and appeal to our integrated partners. Prioritizing partner feedback, and staying up-to-date on the market are core priorities within regional marketing. For Billie, every region and every partner is unique, and this tightly focussed approach allows us to tailor our messaging and ensure we are connecting with those who can benefit most from our integrated payment solutions. Once a partner is onboarded, Billie works closely with the Partner Management team to ensure they can get the most out of their new payment solutions by providing assistance with launch campaigns and marketing materials to our integrated partners.

Craig Collins

Head of IT (APAC)

As Head of IT in Australia, Craig manages the integrations, support, and infrastructure across our Payrix services. With extensive experience in payments spanning across point-of-sale, integrated and online payment solutions, Craig applies his expert knowledge to help guide partners through the setup and development process, whilst also maintaining the integrity of our systems.

Our commitment to diversity

At Payrix we believe that inclusivity breeds creativity, innovation and opportunity. We celebrate and nurture the diverse mix of backgrounds and experiences of our team. Our commitment to our employees is that they feel valued, appreciated and free to be who they are. We challenge ourselves to reflect the world we want to see in the communities where we live and work.

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A history fueled by passion and possibilities

From our roots as an Australian company founded by two brothers to our now-global reach, our local team are proud to be part of Payrix and at a wider scale, part of Worldpay for Platforms leading solutions for software companies around the world.

Our vision for holistic payment solutions drove us toward finding a way to give you and your customers the freedom to grow your business from anywhere. It is our shared passion for customer service — paired with our flexible solutions, local service and innovative technology — that attracted Payrix, one of 2021’s Top 100 Financial Technology Companies, to acquire IntegraPay in 2020. From there, our fast growth, innovative solutions, and unique partnership model led us to become acquired by WorldPay in December 2021. Since then, our teams across the globe have been working as one to integrate our technologies to empower your payments vision, and a future of new possibilities.

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