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Payrix is an integrated payments company designed for high-growth vertical software platforms. We closely collaborate with our partners to develop payment strategies that allow you to deliver superior customer experiences, and exceptional value.

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Omni-channel payments including recurring,
e-commerce, POS, and invoicing

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The low risk path to integrated payments

The right payments solution should help you achieve your vision — not hold it back. Payrix absorbs the risk, infrastructure buildout, and complexity that comes with managing payments in-house. Our fully integrated solution gives you more freedom to focus on your customers and grow your business. We provide:

  • Omni-channel payments including recurring, e-commerce, POS, and invoicing
  • Unified billing, reconciliation reporting, and settlement
  • Fraud monitoring and support
  • Full onboarding and customer management support
  • End-to-end customer payments management
  • REST APIs and SDKS for seamless integration
  • PCI DSS Level 1 compliance for advanced security
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Real-world guidance from payments experts

Behind Payrix’s payment technology is a team of dedicated payments and software experts who provide an integral part of our attentive, best-in-class service that is included with every solution.

Leverage our deep payments and development expertise

  • Create an unparalleled customer experience
  • Monetise and fuel your business growth
  • Attract, retain and give better value to your customers
  • Reduce your risk and protect your customers from fraud
  • Seamlessly manage your portfolio

Advanced, configurable capabilities, with speed to market

  • End-to-end configurations, from customer onboarding through to settlement and reporting
  • Full-suite of payment capabilities including recurring and real-time payments
  • Advanced customizability and control for you and your customers
  • Dedicated risk management experts at your disposal

Own the future of payments

Omni-channel payments — including e-commence, recurring payments, point of sales and invoicing solutions — give an unparalleled payment experience that helps you get ahead. Access unified billing, client management, cohesive reporting, and automated reconciliation with ease. And that’s just the beginning. Payrix has the flexibility, technology and in-house expertise to handle the future of your business payments via one integrated solution.

  • Unified billing
  • Cohesive reporting
  • Client management
  • Automated reconciliation

Talk to us today and we will design the best solution for you and your business, so you can effortlessly harness the world’s rapidly expanding payment channels, and add a whole new level of customer satisfaction and monetisation.

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Payrix is the full-service, flexible partner for both your near and long-term payments strategy. We offer the right configurable solution at the right time for your software business.

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