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The ability to collect payments in the field service industry is challenging — from varying form factors, to complex billing and fee models, to maintenance. With Payrix, you and your customers can quickly get paid, no matter the customer or payment type — from web, to mobile, to ACH.

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The simple, powerful solution for field services

By offering full payment capabilities from card present and card not present — at home, at the office, on the web, and on mobile in the field — to recurring payments and account updates, Payrix simplifies the payment process.

Why field service software ecosystems switch to Payrix

  • Fast time-to-market, and faster payments
  • Web and mobile acceptance — card present and card not present
  • Easier day-to-day management
  • Simple recurring billing with card updater
  • Better customer experience
  • Coverage of all payment types

Get the perks from payments without the risk

Payrix lowers the initial investment and handles much of the overhead of becoming a payfac — so your business can enjoy more revenue, without taking on all of the risk. See how much you can earn with our ROI Calculator.

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