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Work hard. Pay easy.

Being out and about getting the job done is critical for field services businesses, but that’s only one part of the process. Getting paid is where the headaches can start. From managing paper forms to complex billing and fee models, your software users need a way to get paid quickly.

Payrix will help your clients get paid faster and eliminate inefficient manual processes while letting you generate a profit from every transaction processed through your platform.

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All the payment types your customers need, with one easy solution

With a range of payment types to choose from, your clients can accept payments across online checkout pages, through a fully integrated POS terminal, via SMS or invoice payment link, and/or schedule future one-off, split, or recurring payments with ease.
drive revenue growth and boost customer retention

The simple, powerful solution for field services

Bring payments in-platform to deliver a more holistic experience that will help your software clients get paid faster and unlock a new revenue stream for your business. From automated regular maintenance payments to one-off fees for repairs, Payrix gives you the tools to generate profit from every transaction your clients’ customers make. Set your platform apart, help your platform users get paid faster, and grow your business in the process, all with Payrix’s intuitive payments platform.

With embedded payments, you’ll enjoy:

  • Fast time-to-market with a pre-built payment integration
  • Revenue growth opportunities
  • Stronger client/user retention
  • Unified data across all your client’s payment channels
  • Better customer experience
  • Streamline your payment stack with all payment types and channels in one solution
  • A competitive edge with a one-stop platform
  • Access to hands-on support when you need it

And when your clients use your payment features, they’ll enjoy:

  • Fast payment processing with real-time settlement of funds
  • Predictable cash flow with ability to create recurring payment plans
  • Start work with confidence with the ability to create an upfront deposit payment with automatic release of funds upon completion
  • Simplified invoicing and reconciliation
  • Automated daily payment tasks and client communications
  • Less time chasing failed or late payments
  • Accept payments across a variety of channels and types
  • Competitive rates

Fuelling Growth Through Payments

The challenge: Slow revenue growth, slow onboarding and too much paperwork

A vertical software platform for lawn care providers didn’t generate enough revenue from outsourced payments. They also struggled with the large quantities of PDF forms and back-and-forth emailing associated with merchant onboarding.

The solution: One platform for omni-channel support

Our integration platform provides full omni-channel support for all payment types and generates revenue on every transaction, allowing field service management platforms to better support the integrations their merchants want. And with a dedicated partner portal and digital forms, we manage the onboarding process so you can focus on doing what you love. Your customers will be onboarded within minutes, so they can start transacting immediately.

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Why field service management platforms switch to Payrix

With Payrix by your side, you’ll have a genuine payments partner. Our powerful payment tools provide field service management software platforms with everything they need in one place — end-to-end client management, local support from our team of 35+ local software and payments experts, and a dedicated partner portal.

Whether your business is seasoned with payments or just starting out, having a birds’ eye view of all transaction activity across your platform will show you exactly where and how you can use payments to fuel growth. Make the switch to Payrix today and see how powerful integrated payments can be for your business and your customers.

Grow your revenue and help your customers get paid faster with Payrix.

Moving from job to job is busy enough without having to send invoices at the end of the day. Our simple, integrated platform will help your clients get paid faster by equipping them with the tools they need to get paid anywhere, anytime.

Reach out, and we’ll develop a tailored plan to help you monetise your payments better and faster.