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Training volunteers, running fundraising campaigns, and collecting funds can be challenging. Payrix offers a cost-efficient approach to easing these pain points that’s as effective as it’s easy to use.

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A smarter platform for giving back

By offering donation capabilities in-person, online, or with a mobile app, Payrix simplifies the process for donors and empowers nonprofits to maximize giving.

Why Nonprofit Software Providers switch to Payrix

  • Account updater
  • Streamlined collection process
  • Diverse donation capabilities
  • Smarter performance tracking
  • Management of diverse merchant portfolios
  • Broad portfolio management capabilities

Increase your impact

With less startup costs and a more accessible donation process, Payrix helps non-profits increase and expand their impact without the overhead. See for yourself with our ROI Calculator.

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A better way to do good

Managing donations for nonprofits and charitable organizations can be complicated, but the payment process doesn’t need to be. Complete our form and we’ll help design the solution that best supports your vision for greater good.