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Integrated Payments API for Veterinary and Animal Care Software Providers

People’s furry friends need the best care and products that money can buy. And their owners want flexible, efficient and secure payment solutions. With smarter payment software for vet clinics, pet supply retailers, and other animal care providers, Payrix helps businesses seamlessly manage payments and grow. Whether you’re looking to offer your customers more payment options or want a new revenue stream, Payrix’s API-first solutions put your platform front and centre while making Fido or Fifi’s tail wag.

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All the payment types your customers need, with one easy solution

A simple way to drive revenue growth and customer retention

The tailored, powerful solution for vet clinic and animal care platforms

You help vet clinics, animal care providers, wholesale retailers, and groomers keep pet owners happy and their furry friends healthy. Across these businesses, hundreds, possibly thousands, of transactions are processed each week. What if you could bring these payments in-platform and grow a new revenue stream? With Payrix, it’s possible. Bring payments in-platform to deliver a holistic experience that will help your customers boost their cash flow with more flexible payments while unlocking a new revenue stream for your business. From automated payments for recurring orders to one-off fees for checkups or a furry friend’s procedure, Payrix gives you the tools to generate profit from every transaction your customers make. Set your platform apart, help your customers offer secure and flexible payment options, and grow your business in the process, all with Payrix’s intuitive payments platform.

With embedded payments, you’ll enjoy:

  • Full payment functionality with a single API
  • Revenue growth opportunities
  • Stronger customer retention
  • Unified data across all your client’s payment channels
  • Better customer experience
  • Streamline your payment stack with all payment types and channels in one solution
  • A competitive edge with a one-stop platform
  • Access to hands-on support when you need it

And when your customers process payments on your platform, they’ll enjoy:

  • Fast, easy payment processing
  • More payment flexibility with a wide range of payment options for them and their clients
  • Accept payments across a variety of channels and types without juggling multiple providers
  • Automate reconciliation of payments across all their payment channels
  • Predictable cash flow with ability to create recurring payment plans
  • Simplified invoicing and reconciliation
  • Less time chasing failed or late payments
  • Competitive rates
Payrix helps vet and practise management platforms monetize payments

Making Payments a Treat

The challenge

One of your key clients, a pet supplies retailer, offers a range of wholesale pet products and other services, including puppy school, obedience training, group and 1:1 courses, and grooming services. With so many offerings under one roof, the team were finding it difficult to keep on top of their payments and what areas of the business were performing best. After a little digging, you find this is a common problem for the vet clinic, animal care, and wholesale pet supply customers using your platform too.

The solution

By embedding Payrix into your platform and offering payments-as-a-feature, you can generate revenue on every transaction processed by your customers. Plus with access to omni-channel payment processing capabilities, your customers will get paid faster by offering customers the payment methods and flexibility they know and love. That means no more fussing over paperwork or being restricted to outdated payment methods for your customers while you build a new revenue stream — a win win.

With a dedicated partner portal and hands-on merchant management support, we look after the lion’s share of the onboarding process for your customers, so you can continue to focus on providing a show-worthy user experience and feature set. Make payments easy with Payrix by giving your customers the tools to access all of their payment requirements from within your platform. With integrated payments, your vet clinics, animal care, and wholesale pet supply customers can spend more time training, maintaining and entertaining their furry customers and less time on tedious manual payment tasks. The result? Revenue growth and lower churn rates. Now, that’s a treat!

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Why vet clinic, retailer, and animal care SaaS platforms switch to Payrix

With Payrix by your side, you’ll have a genuine payments partner. Our powerful payment tools provide vet clinic, animal care, and pet supply retailer platforms like you with everything you need in one place — end-to-end merchant management, access to local support from our team of 35+ local software and payments experts, and a dedicated partner portal.

Make the switch to Payrix today and see how integrated payments can help your customers drive efficiency, boost revenue, automate manual tasks, and free up time to focus on what they do best – caring for people’s furry friends.

Unleash revenue growth and make payments a treat for your users, with Payrix.

Helping people’s furry friends stay happy and healthy is a full-time job, without the manual processes and paperwork that stack up too. Our simple, integrated solution will make your platform the payments hero and help your customers manage their business seamlessly, by equipping them with the tools they need to get paid anywhere, anytime.

Reach out, and we’ll develop a tailored plan to help you monetise your payments better and faster.