How To Drive Adoption of Your Payments Solution

Generating merchant adoption of your in-platform payments solution is a critical factor in achieving success. To get your merchants to adopt your payments solution and start processing payments through you, you have to be able to sell them on the benefits of an integrated or embedded payments solution.

Communicate Key Benefits

Consider what your merchants will enjoy from your payments solution, for example:

Offer Industry Specific Features

For vertical SaaS companies, consider the industry specific needs that payments-as-a-feature may be able to address for example:

Leverage Your Existing Channels

Be creative about how and where you can communicate with your clients about payment features:

Guide Them Through The Signup Process

Signing up for payments can take time if your client needs to gather paperwork and provide evidence for their business. Make it easier on them by supporting them through this process:

Educate Them On How To Get The Most Out Of It

Provide education and tips on getting the most out of payments:

If you partner with a payments provider, they will do some or most of this for you. Some will even allow you to pick and choose where they communicate with your customers, helping you to fill in the gaps in your resources and internal capabilities.