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Unlocking the strategic advantage of adding Embedded Payments to your 2024 roadmap couldn’t be easier. Discover how to avoid common speedbumps and ensure you deliver a seamless customer payment experience.


Establishing partnerships – particularly with Embedded Payment providers – will be key to filling gaps and removing friction, to create a more complete solution ecosystem and advance the value of your software company.

You’ll want to look for a partner that engages omnichannel capabilities to connect a broad range of payment acceptance devices to different sales channels, and deliver on preferred payment methods that meet evolving customer demands, including digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Explore some common industry speedbumps and see the Payrix difference.


Speedbump: Payment providers without omnichannel payment options

The Payrix difference:

  • Deploy front-end (online, mobile, in-store) infrastructure
  • Leverage back-end (payment gateway) infrastructure
  • All without heavy engineering

Seamless Experience

Speedbump: Payment software with uncompromising customer service.

The Payrix difference:

  • Deliver exact payments setup you want
  • Deploy seamless customer experience at speed
  • Leverage flexibile, developer-friendly APIs

Data Your Way

Speedbump: Reporting complexity from lack of real-time data insight on individual transactions.

The Payrix difference:

  • Make data-driven decisions in real-time
  • Organize your data efficiently
  • Increase the granularity of your business

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It will be important for software companies to look for Embedded Payments partners who can implement effective fraud monitoring and security technology, protocols, and ongoing support to ensure data is secure and ongoing PCI compliance is maintained.

Explore some common industry speedbumps and see the Payrix difference.

security icons

Manage Risk

Speedbump: Leaving your merchants to manage risk and data security on their own

The Payrix difference:

  • Manage risk & educate your merchants
  • Deliver a user-friendly data security compliance portal
  • Access support via chat, email, or telephone

Manage PCI Requirements

Speedbump: Neglecting regulatory considerations like PCI requirements.

The Payrix difference:

  • Offer merchants real-time guidance
  • Access PCI experts equipped to handle their inquiries
  • Delivery training on the importance of payment card security


Speedbump: Inadequate measures to protect cardholder data and fraud.

The Payrix difference:

  • Safeguard payments with omnitoken protocols
  • Protect your customers’ business
  • Protect their customers’ card data

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Software companies with an Embedded Payments strategy will likely have access to sophisticated data that enables them to optimize their offerings, more effectively address needs within their user base, and prevent issues related to payment fraud.

Explore some common industry speedbumps and see the Payrix difference.

safe data

Customizable Reporting

Speedbump: Payment portal without customizable reporting options.

The Payrix difference:

  • Get reports through a portal or API
  • Schedule downloads on your timeframe
  • Get access to the data-level you need

Real-TIme Information

Speedbump: Payment portal without real-time reporting options.

The Payrix difference:

  • Real-time payment processing reports
  • Get data on transaction and merchant level
  • Portfolio-level visibility

Configurable Data

Speedbump: Payment providers that don’t give you easy access to data you need.

The Payrix difference:

  • Choose from multi-format reporting
  • Generate and export the data you need, your way
  • Easily configure reports in portal

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Customer Experience

Software companies that establish true payments partnerships can expect an elevated experience that goes well beyond simply handing off payments to a payments vendor.

The right partner will offer ongoing support and guidance throughout the entirety of their Embedded Payments journey. Software companies will also have greater control of the payment experience and in turn, opportunities to create a more simplified, streamlined, on-brand, and ideal customer experience that leads to better acquisition and retention outcomes.

Explore some common industry speedbumps and see the Payrix difference.

Handle Disputes

Speedbump: Payment portal without an easy place to handle disputes.

The Payrix difference:

  • Handle disputes faster
  • Accept or contest chargebacks
  • Manage directly in the portal

Custom Permissions

Speedbump: Payments portal that doesn’t give you flexibility with data permissions.

The Payrix difference:

  • Control access roles for merchants
  • Implement security roles for users
  • Protect your company and customers from potential risk

Customer Experience

Speedbump: Payment portal that doesn’t give you flexibility with the customer experience.

The Payrix difference:

  • Flexible UI components
  • Out-of-the-box API configurations
  • Create the exact same customer experience you want

Payment experiences designed for your software

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computer screen with credit card customizable payment options