Embrace the future of payments with Embedded Payments

Imagine a better customer experience — Embedded Payments that deepen customer loyalty, boost revenue, and unlock the full potential of your platform.

Flexible and scalable Embedded Payments solutions to enhance
your software

  • Improve the payment experience with embedded solutions that make running a business easier
  • Deploy sophisticated risk mitigation tools to protect your business and your customer’s business
  • Diversify revenue streams for business stability and expansion
  • Take advantage of our program built to guide you towards rapid success
Having a PayFac approach allowed us to approach customers with a single hand, and bring them onto our platform with the same care and attention that JobNimbus would like. Nate Wilson Director of Ancillary Revenue
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The possibilities of Embedded Payments


ROI after moving from prior payment solution


higher potential margin


less fraud
& nonpayment


faster deployment solution

A premier Embedded Payments facilitation platform

Payrix technology is purpose-built by payments and software experts. It’s flexible, customizable, and scalable.

Payment acceptance made easy

  • Enable payment acceptance across all channels — online, in-person, and omnichannel
  • Offer a variety of payment types that meet your customers’ needs – credit cards, debit cards, digital wallets, ACH, and more
  • Developer-friendly APIs for a seamless integration

Supercharge your software payments designed to fit your needs

Manage Embedded Payments in real time

  • Take control of payment pricing and onboarding for a streamlined customer experience
  • Track valuable payments data across all payment channels and unlock data-informed insights
  • Configure the dashboard in your brand and focus on the data that matters most

Easily manage PCI, risk, and fraud mitigation

  • Protect your payments and reputation with a suite of security solutions
  • Deploy products that help you prevent fraud, limit risks, and enhance payment security
  • Tools to support underwriting automation, transaction fraud management, and compliance education

Payment experiences designed for your software

Unleash powerful Embedded Payments technology that delivers on a better experience.