Protect card transactions across all channels with payment tokenization

Omnitoken provides unparalleled cardholder data security for you and your customers by safeguarding valuable card data during initial and all recurring transactions.

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Adopted by hundreds of thousands of merchants using software partners like

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Reduce the risk of card data theft with your customers

Payment tokenization significantly reduces the risk of card data theft and the scope of PCI for your customers. Leverage cryptographic key management principles used by industry standards like PCI DSS, PCI Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE), and others.

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Protect recurring transactions

Tokenize card data the moment a transaction takes place – every time.

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Enhance security

Combat fraud in its tracks with devalued card data that cannot be used if compromised.

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Adhere to compliance

Meet industry regulations when it comes to protecting cardholder data and reduce PCI scope for your customers.

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Empower customer efficiency

Omnitoken is channel-agnostic, so you can offer a secure payment experience across mobile, e-commerce, and in-store payments.

Omnitoken capabilities

  • Replace sensitive cardholder data with anonymized value protecting transactions
  • Centralized solution maintains omnichannel capabilities
  • Serve customer payment needs with one-time and recurring payment tokenization
  • Format-preserving tokens easily fit into your existing embedded payments environment
  • Strong documentation with a dedicated implementation team and testing resources
  • Tokens are indistinguishable from sensitive cardholder data, making PCI compliance easier for your customers


of small businesses that get hacked go out of business within 6 months of the breach

Safeguard payments with Omnitoken to protect your customers’ business and their customers’ card data.


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