Salesforce and Payrix Integrated

Automated payments and reconciliation for the world’s #1 CRM

  • Payrix Integrated enables businesses using Salesforce to collect and reconcile payments for subscriptions, invoices, e-commerce and more.
  • Our innovative payment solutions can be integrated directly with your Salesforce accounts. Tailor your payment processing to suit your existing infrastructure.
  • Reconciliation is automated, with Payrix instantly updating Salesforce with changes to payment status, reducing administration time and costs.
  • Payrix is certified as compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) level 1 – this is the highest level of compliance for this global mandate.

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payrix + Salesforce Payment Platform

How it Works

Salesforce integrates with Payrix Integrated via our API for both one-off and recurring payment processing. This gives businesses using Salesforce access to our full-service payment platform, which includes:

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