Drive faster payments and stronger cash flow

Integrated Payments API for Invoicing and Messaging Platforms

Cash flow is king for businesses, and getting paid on time can be the difference between long-term sustainability and growth or facing financial pressure. Whether your software clients are looking to improve their cash flow or want to manage their invoicing and payments in one secure platform, partnering with Payrix means your platform can be the solution to their payment problems.

Our API-first solutions integrate with a wide array of accounting, ERP and practice management systems, so you can help your users transform their businesses all within your platform.

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All the payment types your users need, with one easy integration

With a range of payment types to choose from, your clients can accept payments across online checkout pages, through a fully integrated POS terminal, via SMS or invoice payment link, and/or schedule future one-off, split, or recurring payments with ease.

Help your clients get paid on time, every time

Industry-specific features your software users will love

You help your clients manage their business efficiently, whether it’s a large consulting firm in a major city or an accounting firm in a regional centre. Make your platform go the extra mile and leave a lasting impression by giving your users the tools to master their payments and their cash flow. Bringing payments in-platform with Payrix will help your clients to streamline the payments process while growing a new revenue stream for your business too. From automated payments for recurring orders to one-off invoice payments, Payrix gives you the tools to generate profit from every transaction your users make.

With embedded payments, you’ll enjoy:

  • Full payment functionality with a single API
  • Revenue growth opportunities
  • Stronger client/user retention
  • Unified data across all your client’s payment channels
  • Better user experience
  • Streamline your payment stack with all payment types and channels in one solution
  • A competitive edge with a one-stop platform
  • Access to hands-on support when you need it

And when your software users process payments on your platform, they’ll enjoy:

  • Fast, easy payment processing
  • More payment flexibility with a wide range of payment options for them and their clients
  • Accept payments across a variety of channels and types without juggling multiple providers
  • Automate reconciliation of payments across all their payment channels
  • Predictable cash flow with ability to create recurring payment plans
  • Simplified invoicing and reconciliation
  • Less time chasing failed or late payments
  • Easier day-to-day business management
  • Competitive rates

Reducing Debtor Days and Boosting Cash Flow

The challenge

One of your largest software clients, an urban planning firm that offers a range of services, was struggling with late and missed payments and slow settlements. Cash flow was constantly tight, and people in the firm’s finance and accounting teams were burdened with manual administration tasks and debtor follow-up. Further, with payments predominantly processed via EFT, settlement times were slow, and payment errors were common. The firm needed to address its invoicing and payment challenges with one streamlined solution. After doing a little digging, you discover this is a common problem faced by your users.

The solution

By integrating Payrix into your platform you are able to provide full omni-channel support for all the payment types your users need, whilst also generating a revenue margin on every transaction. With embedded payments, your ERP, accounting and/or practice management platform can streamline the day-to-day management of payments for your users, and as a result, your users are happier than ever before. With each transaction generating a profit for you, your business has experienced some pretty impressive growth too!

You don’t need to worry about investing extensive resources to make it work, either. With a dedicated partner portal and digital forms, we manage the onboarding process so you can focus on doing what you love. With the help of your new payment features, your clients can spend more time doing the work they love too, and less time chasing late payments.

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Why ERP, practice management and accounting platforms switch to Payrix

With Payrix by your side, you’ll have a genuine payments partner. Our powerful payment tools provide ERP, practice management and accounting platforms with everything they need in one place — end-to-end client management, advanced security and fraud protection, access to support from our team of local software and payments experts, and a dedicated partner portal.

Whether your business is seasoned with payments or just starting out, embedding payments into your platform via our easy API is a great way to fuel growth, drive retention, and create an even better in-platform experience for your users.

Grow revenue and help your clients unlock cash flow with Payrix.

Keeping a business running and profitable involves many moving parts. If your cash flow isn’t strong, it places a strain on everything. Our simple, integrated platform will help your users manage their business seamlessly  by equipping them with the tools they need to get paid anywhere, anytime.

Reach out, and we’ll develop a tailored plan to help you monetise your payments better and faster.