Better Payments for Property Management Software

Build Strong Foundations with Payrix

With Payrix at your side, you can simplify payments for your customers and make your platform a property management and real estate payments hero. Not only will you be making your clients’ lives easier, but you can also generate a profit from every transaction they process through your platform.

It’s time to grow your revenue, help your customers to say goodbye to manual payments admin, and say hello to Payrix.

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All the payment types your clients need

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With a range of payment types to choose from, your clients can accept payments across online checkout pages, through a fully integrated POS terminal, via SMS or invoice payment link, and/or schedule future one-off, split, or recurring payments with ease.

Why offer embedded payments on your property management SaaS platform?

With embedded payments, you’ll enjoy

  • Revenue growth opportunities
  • Stronger client/user retention
  • Streamlined invoicing and payments
  • Totally unified payment data

And when your customers process payments, they’ll enjoy

  • Fast payment processing
  • Customisable recurring payments
  • Ability to automate payment tasks
  • Real-time trust accounting settlements
  • Less time chasing payments
  • More payment options

Simple Rent

Simple Rent Leverages Payrix’s Payment Engine, Becomes A Market Leading Property Management Platform

Offering embedded payments to your users could grow your revenue by 2-3X per software client. That’s what payments and leasing automation provider, SimpleRent, experienced when they implemented Payrix’s technology.

By making their rental management software free to use, and instead taking a clip of every transaction processed through their platform, they have experienced explosive growth. In fact, they’re now a multi-million dollar software company and the top of their kind in Australia.

Read the full story here

Why property management software providers switch to Payrix

With Payrix by your side, you’ll have a genuine payments partner. Our powerful payment tools and expert teams provide property management software platforms with everything they need in one place.

Whether your business is seasoned with payments or just starting out, having a birds’ eye view of all transaction activity across your platform will show you exactly where and how you can use payments to fuel growth. Make the switch to Payrix today and see how powerful integrated payments can be for your business and your platform users.

  • End-to-end client/merchant management capabilities
  • Tailor your support to receive as little or as much as you need
  • Comprehensive fraud and risk protection
  • Ability to grow and expand without limits
  • More ways to get paid with an omni-channel solution
  • Competitive rates
  • Local support team
  • Advanced payment features and inclusions
  • Unified payment data across all channels
  • Partner-exclusive features, including access to a dedicated merchant management portal
See what you could achieve

Unlock revenue growth with embedded payments

By streamlining your software clients’ payments and bringing them in-platform, you can open up a whole new revenue stream for your software business. From automated rent payments to one-off deposit payments, Payrix lets you generate a profit from every transaction your clients make.

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Simplify your customers day-to-day payment tasks

Help your property managers and real estate agencies to simplify their day-to-day management of business payments with the ability to:

  • Automate recurring payment tasks,
  • Process payments in real-time,
  • Create flexible payment schedules,
  • Automatically reattempt failed payments, and so much more!

By helping your software clients lower their capital expenditure and get paid on time, all the time, your platform can become the all-in-one solution that your platform users can’t live without.

Build your payments foundations with Payrix

Offering in-platform payments is easy with Payrix. We’ll help your software users strengthen their cash flow and say goodbye to manual admin while you say hello to revenue growth. Because you can’t grow a rent roll when you’re bogged down in paperwork and you can’t grow your SaaS company without loyal, long-term customers.

Reach out, and we’ll develop a tailored plan to help you monetise your payments better and faster.