Meet the new Payrix: New story, new look, new experience

Updated on April 20, 2021


Refreshing our brand was more than just revitalizing our logo, colors and overall experience. It was an opportunity to speak to clients and team members — to dig into reason for existence — our company values, reasons to believe and business strategy, ensuring continuity and relevance with who we are as a company today and into the future.

When we kicked off this initiative, we interviewed key internal and external stakeholders, as well as analyzed the market. We transformed our discovery into a refreshed brand narrative for Payrix — one that highlights who we are and what makes us unique in a high-demand market like embedded fintech. We also surveyed our team members to update our mission and vision, and created company values. Combined, these elements became the foundation for our new brand identity.

We are proud to introduce the new Payrix — a new story, a new look and a new experience that speaks to the same customer-centricity, expertise, technology and empowered flexibility we’ve always focused on delivering. Because at the end of the day, this rebranding wasn’t about us — it was about providing our clients with the tools, guidance and experience they need to unleash their possibilities.


Our Brand Evolution

Why Now?

On the heels of international expansion  into Australia and New Zealand in Q3 2020, our business had grown into a global payment technology company with loyal clients and a global market presence. We’ve spent time expanding our product set, focusing on client success and growing functional areas of our business. Our rebrand launch is a representation of the work we’ve done to unify our company and create a next generation look and feel for Payrix.

We wanted to evolve our messaging and visual identity in a way that accurately reflects who we are, where we fit in the market and where we are going in the future. It was a massive undertaking, but one our team was thrilled to dive into. Robert Butler Chief Commercial Officer, Payrix

We started working on our rebrand in late 2020 and addressed three major areas:  brand messaging, visual identity and our overall experience — including website and user interface. This initiative has allowed us to really understand the value we provide to our clients and how we can continue to do more for industry-specific software providers.

Our Reason for Existence: Mission, Vision and Brand Values

Our mission, vision and values allow us to look both inward and ahead to articulate our why, to inspire our employees and to guide our culture here at Payrix.


Our Mission

Payrix is on a mission to be the preeminent provider of embedded payment solutions for software businesses who want to monetize their platforms and eliminate friction. It’s why we combine expertise, quality and innovation with a flexible, all-in-one platform to empower our clients to focus on growth and pursuing their passion.

Our Vision for the Future

Our vision is to become the global leader in embedded payments, recognized for the passion of our people, integrity of our platform, and the possibilities demonstrated to our partners and their businesses.


Values to Live By

We created shared values that represent our brand’s ethics and serve as guiding principles for our actions and decision-making. These will serve as the foundation for our organization and culture — from our product roadmap and customer experience, to hiring and the vendors we partner with. We’ve included all five of our brand values below. We believe these combine the best parts of Payrix, and are a reflection of our team, technology and client focus. As we continue to scale our business, we want to shape an experience that is approachable and easy to understand, yet inspiring to our clients, employees and stakeholders.

Integrity & Accountability
  • We honor our commitments and believe ownership and transparency are the foundation of our unwavering pursuit of excellence.
Client Experience
  • We are committed to building trustworthy relationships and empowering our team to always put the client first.
  • We lead by example and challenge each other to refine the quality of our business, today and in the future.
Continuous Improvement
  • We never settle. We are passionate about learning and finding ways to enhance our products and how we operate.
  • We are stronger together. Our success is a direct reflection of the respect we have for each other and the strength we draw from our differences.


Developing Our Brand Narrative

When we thought about how to improve the way we communicate with our clients and express our right to win in the market, we saw an opportunity to challenge the status quo. Our goal was to craft a strategic narrative for Payrix that elevates our value by recognizing the B2B customer’s total experience and meeting more of their needs — from the functional to the more personal motivators such as helping our clients achieve their vision for the future.

Throughout the process, we put our clients at the center of our strategic storytelling, ensuring that all elements push our brand to a place of higher value and reduce risk while building lasting relationships.

Going forward, this narrative will serve as a high-level framework for all Payrix communications, solutions and services. We’ve provided a brief summary of what we’re all about below.

At Payrix, we are a unique blend of payments and software experts who are passionate about embedded payments and payment facilitation for vertical software companies. We believe the right payments solution will empower our clients to achieve their vision — not hold it back — while making their customers’ lives easier. It’s why we flex a fully integrated-technology stack, which means our clients own the payments experience, not the other way around. We use our all-in-one solution ourselves, so we understand the day-to-day of payments — and the opportunities they bring.

Revisiting Our Reasons to Believe

The following pillars are the foundation for how Payrix communicates our reasons to believe to our clients, and our right to win in the market.

  • Customer-centricity

    We put our customers at the center of everything we do — from our tagline to our website to how we built our products.

  • Expertise

    We are payments and software experts. We act as mentors and advocates for our clients — we listen first and then make recommendations based on what’s right and appropriate for their business.

  • Seamless Technology

    We are an all-in-one solution and a single provider — we built our platform, and we use it to run our own business. This gives our clients the confidence they need to embed payments with Payrix.

  • Empowered Flexibility

    We take on the responsibility and complexity of managing payments in-house, so our clients can focus on what’s most important to their business.

The Promise We Make to Our Clients

We often hear the term “tagline” get thrown around in different ways and we want to be clear on what it means to us at Payrix. It’s all about our vertical software clients and what they can expect from us as a brand, as well as the most compelling reason to choose Payrix.

Unleash your possibilities.

We want to help our clients pursue their passion — whether it be growth, innovation or expansion — we are committed to showing software companies the world of opportunity within embedded payments.

A New Look

Building on our strategic narrative, we developed a new visual representation for our brand, starting with our logo, colors, font and illustrative style. We pulled inspiration from the humble developer’s brackets and their visual relationship to essential parts of the payment process — credit cards, smartphones and modern UX design — this combines these shapes into colorful, narrative that help illustrate key brand messages in a dynamic and whimsical way.

Brand logo:

Product logos:

We’ve also redesigned our product logos and created a “Powered by Payrix” logo that is available to clients upon request.

Logos for Clients:


The Story Behind Our Brand Colors

At our core, we are both a payments business and a technology company. We’ve learned it can be a tough needle to thread — and positioning ourselves as only one or the other doesn’t quite do our identity justice. It’s why — every step of the way — we made sure to highlight both, including in our new color palette.



Payrix Coding Tool Used as Inspiration


Our Visual Style

Our illustrations integrate payments related imagery to create delightful moments of discovery for viewers. Objects traditionally associated with payments like credit cards, dollar bills, and coins as well as more contemporary payments related imagery like smart phones, charts, and graphs are incorporated into our illustrations.  Here are a few examples of visuals you will start to see:

A New Experience

We are in the process of updating our products and digital presence to reflect these exciting changes. You’ll continue to see updates to the look and feel of our systems, website, and social media profiles over the next few weeks. Highlights to check out include:

We are committed to continuously enhancing our business in a way that drives direct, measurable value to our clients and their customers. We’ve created a sleek, modernized look and feel for our overall experience which showcases our unique standing at the intersection of software and embedded payments. Eric Frazier CEO of Payrix

This is an exciting time at Payrix. We are still the same trusted partner our clients have always been able to rely on. We’ve simply evolved our brand to put ourselves in a stronger position to scale our company, while empowering clients to unleash their possibilities.

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