Future payment innovations to embrace now

Understanding the most essential considerations for merchants when selecting or choosing to move to a new software management system is the first step towards ensuring you deliver the most optimal payment experience.

The next step is understanding what to look for in a payments partner to help you overcome those challenges to not only retain but grow your customer base! We’ve unpacked these key areas below to help make that journey more seamless for software providers.

Make security a main selling point

In a market bombarded with cyber threats and data breaches, merchants navigate with caution when selecting a vertical SaaS provider. With an emphasis on security guiding their choices, vertical SaaS companies must elevate security features to the forefront of their software and payment capabilities.

Manage Risk

Leaving your merchants to manage risk and security on their own.

The Payrix difference:

  • Manage risk, educate your merchants, and deliver a user-friendly data security compliance portal with access to support via chat, email or telephone

Manage PCI Needs

Neglecting regulatory considerations like PCI requirements

The Payrix difference:

  • Offer merchants real-time guidance with PCI experts equipped to handle their inquiries


Inadequate measures to protect cardholder data.

The Payrix difference:

  • Safeguard payments with omnitoken to protect your customers’ business and their customers’ card data

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Payments innovation is key to adoption

Across industries, payment capabilities matter. Almost all merchants are open to switching for innovative payment capabilities, particularly 24-hour card settlements. Payments also account for 3 out of the top 5 capabilities merchants feel would most improve the industry suitability of their management software. But to offer up the right features, vertical SaaS providers must carefully consider the nature of the merchant’s payments needs such as recurring payments or mobile acceptance functionality. Get it right and satisfaction follows.

Dedicated Implementation

Lack of support when developing your payment adoption strategy

The Payrix difference:

  • Our dedicated team of onboarding specialists help you develop your ongoing adoption plan

Customer Experience

Payment portal that doesn’t give you flexibility with the customer experience

The Payrix difference:

  • Whether you want to manage in-house or leverage our dedicated partner success team, you will have all the tools needed for your customers to leverage the platform

Optimization Program

Inadequate support to help you navigate the unique needs of your business

The Payrix difference:

  • Regular meetings with your partner success team to help evolve and prioritize your embedded solution strategy

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Experience beats functionality every time

The ‘build it and they will come’ philosophy doesn’t always work with software payments. Even when the payments have been enabled and the very best features implemented, if the users find them difficult to use or merchants aren’t even aware of all the capabilities, it won’t bring in more customers or revenue. This is why training and communication are vital ingredients in making sure new features are utilized effectively.

Seamless Experience

Payment software with a fractured customer experience.

The Payrix difference:

  • Our seamless customer support allows your customers multiple ways to get the answers they need

Customer Support

Lack of training for your team to be enabled on common payment support questions.

The Payrix difference:

  • Get ongoing training throughout our partnership to help your team answer customers questions with visibility across your portfolio

Dispute Management

Payment portal with no clear way to handle and resolve disputes

The Payrix difference:

  • Handle disputes quickly by accepting or contesting chargebacks directly in the portal

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Don’t miss out on the value of value-adds

Many software companies have set their sights on future integrations that enhance their embedded finance offerings. It might be value-adds like gift card solutions, PCI compliance programs or mobile wallet integration. The important thing is evaluating the needs of your subscriber base in order to prioritize the right roadmap of integrations.


Payment providers without omnichannel payment options.

The Payrix difference:

  • Leverage front-end (online, mobile, in-store) and back-end (payment gateway) infrastructure without heavy engineering

Data Your Way

Reporting complexity from lack of real-time data insight on individual transactions.

The Payrix difference:

  • Make data-driven decisions by efficiently organizing your data and increasing the granularity of your business

The Payrix Difference

We help you embrace Embedded Payments and the countless ways it can serve your business. As your partner, we ensure you check off everything on this list and whatever else you have on yours. It’s your journey – we’re here to help you make the most of it.

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