Payrix Chief Risk and Compliance Officer Awarded Top 25 Recognition

Updated on August 16, 2021

August 16, 2021 — The Financial Technology Report recognizes The Top 25 Women Leaders in Financial Technology of 2021. As the financial technology sector continues to evolve, thousands of women in leadership roles help propel their companies and its products to more competitive positions in the market. The women nominated and selected for this year’s awards — includingBilli Jo Wright, Chief Risk and Compliance Officer for Payrix —have demonstrated exceptional skill in their respective positions. They were evaluated based on substantive reviews from peers and colleagues both within their organization and from across the industry. Their positions range from founder and C-level executives to product and operations heads to human resources and marketing officers, among others.

The companies represented by this year’s awardees showcase the breadth and increasing sophistication of the fintech sector, from financial planning tools for individuals to software for financial institutions to global payments platforms. These companies succeed in large part because of their ability to recruit and retain the best talent such as the women leaders on this year’s list whose innovative thinking, ability to inspire others and disciplined approach to operations have had a significant impact on their organizations.

As Chief Risk and Compliance Officer for Payrix, Billi Jo Wright brings 20-plus years of payments industry experience, with a background in issuing and acquiring. She joined Payrix— a first-of-its-kind payment facilitation solution provider — two years ago to lead risk management and compliance. Payrix provides vertical software companies with an all-in-one platform — and a white-glove approach — to capitalize on the opportunities within embedded payments for growth, innovation, and transformation. At Payrix, Billi Jo is responsible for providing a holistic view of business line risks to develop or stabilize merchant portfolios. She leads a team that oversees the company’s payment facilitator program and is working to expand the platform’s security and compliance capabilities.

Billi Jo is known for deep expertise in risk, compliance, fraud, business development, and partner management. She has empowered companies to scale while building top-rated risk and compliance programs, again and again. Wright previously held leadership roles at Elavon, MerchantE, 2Checkout, and Worldpay. Along with a diverse industry perspective, Billi Jo has the keen ability to influence the strategic vision and transform plans into workable solutions. Outside of work, she is an Atlanta local, mother of four, wife, and lover of tennis, running and traveling.

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