Ensuring success when Embedding Payments | Episode 5

Updated on May 27, 2021

In the fifth episode of PayFAQ: The Embedded Payments Podcast brought to you by Payrix, Host Bob Butler interviews Chris Connor, Chief Client Service Officer at Payrix about what software providers need to know to ensure success with embedded payments.

Chris has been in the payments industry for over 20 years including working for acquirers and ISOs as well as helping a software company build their own payments solution. He believes that a great starting point when thinking about embedding payments is to really understand your vertical and your customer base. He advises to solve for the most common use-case first and then build out the platform in a phased approach.

Chris also talks about the importance of having a team member with deep payments expertise who understands development and operations to ensure you’re managing the entire end-to-end experience.

Customer experience and customer satisfaction are two of the most important factors to consider when running your business. Your brand and your reputation are on the line. While software companies have always been servicing their customers from a software perspective, they now must also service them from a payment’s perspective.

Chris urges software companies to keep up with the latest innovation in payments as it is an ever-changing landscape. Just as you evolve your software you must also evolve your payments solution to meet the needs of your customers.

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