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Updated on January 5, 2024

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    Andy Meadows,  Head of Partner Launch & Partner Success Management

    Brand new partners tend to really focus on attaching payments to their net new software customer. Now we also try to help them think about those existing customers. Many of the partners are coming to us with a large, significant what we call a back-book of existing software customers and in some cases they’ve not attached a previous payments solution to those customers.

    So out of the gate we’re helping them, A) drive the attachment of payments to that net new software customer, build a value proposition so that they can actually sell more software in the marketplace by adding payments as a core feature functionality, but we’re also helping them, think about and shift their focus towards those existing software customers, the cross sale motion, bringing additional value and stickiness to that existing base of customers.

    We employ folks who have 15, 20 years worth of both payments and SaaS experience on our partner success management team. Those individuals lean in really in a consulting type fashion.

    So I mentioned the bifurcated way we think of launching versus strategic portfolio growth. That launch motion is anywhere from four to six, sometimes six to eight months. We are deploying experts into our new partners business providing them with, again, the go to market strategy I referenced, the training and the education. Those are the things our competitors aren’t doing on the long term  – strategic growth.

    You know some of the data that we bring back to our partners – to think about MPS scores, to think about margins, vertically specific merchant effective rates, those are things that they are just not getting elsewhere.

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