How JobNimbus tackled payment facilitation quickly

Updated on February 12, 2023

  • Transcript

    JobNimbus is a platform software product for contractors. And I think we all have an experience where either a service technician or a contractor has come to your house and done some type of service, and they request a payment and they’ll go ask for a check or cash or something and nobody has a checkbook anymore. The last time I wrote a check was, I can’t even remember. And so, that’s what we’re up against. For us, our mission at JobNimbus is to make contractors hero’s so they can solve that problem for us as the end user. Nobody can go without a roof so we need these things. So that’s really our mission, that’s driving us very, very extensively. The second is, we took this drafted approach. Payrix wasn’t our first processor that we partnered up with, but what that allowed us was the ability to stand back and know, what were the friction spots, where were the gaps, we knew exactly what we wanted from both a partner, an integration. When we actually went through the implementation, we knew the right questions to ask and so having a strong playbook was very, very key to not only going through the implementation in about 4-5 weeks, but we also spent a bunch of time understanding how contractors take and accept payments. And so we knew from a product fit, when we go out with the MVP, what’s the top features that they need in order to continue their cash flow. So things like down payments, things like ACH enablement, was very, very key for us. So all that combined together really teed us up.

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