How payments fueled growth for iClassPro

Updated on June 20, 2023

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    How payments fueled growth for iClassPro

    From a payments perspective, there are a ton of benefits for us that we’ve seen over the years from being a PayFac®. Our volume has grown tremendously since we started this in 2015 and I think the last two years alone we’ve had 40% plus year over year growth the last couple of years just on the payments side, right? But payments is really fuel for the rest of the business, is the way that we think about it. So, this revenue that we generate goes directly back into building the software out so we can do more things that are not necessarily payment related for our customers. Whether that’s marketing tools for them to engage their customers themselves better or scheduling appointments and private lessons, you know building out modules for these sorts of things, are all things that have happened because of payments and the ability to throw that money back to build the development team so that we can get more value in our customers’ hands.

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