How Payrix helped JobNimbus

Updated on May 23, 2023

  • Transcript

    Payrix really helps JobNimbus from a couple of different angles. A) from a technology perspective. We know and understand currently how contractors want to service their customers and so we have a deep product offering from things like mobile payments, down payments, different things like that we can extend to those contractors. In addition to that, it allows us to truly keep pace to more effectively bring them on board to this platform and provide them truly a world-class platform where they can grow their business exponentially. First impressions are everything and so when we go out and meet with these contractors and introduce ourselves, JobNimbus, to them we’ve really got one shot to put our best foot forward and so we really wanted not only JobNimbus, but we also wanted others partners to share that same type of sentiment, that same type of experience. So, having a PayFac® approach allowed us to approach these customers with a single hand, where it wasn’t multiple hands saying, “Hey, here’s JobNimbus, here’s this payment process, here’s this financier.” We could truly bring them onto our platform with the same care and attention that JobNimbus would like. We could also do that very, very quickly. We have a large customer base and so we really want to meet the demands of that and go out there and service as many of these folks as we can. And so that’s truly where a PayFac® comes in and allows us to move with rapid a pace while also not getting caught up in some of the other details of a non-PayFac model.

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