How Payrix works

Updated on April 10, 2024


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    Want to make the most of Embedded Payments while enhancing your software and the customer experience? Say hello to PayFac-as-a-Service. You get the rewards of payments facilitation without handling underwriting or compliance, and your customers get a streamlined payments experience. We know your software is unique to your industry, so we tailor make a solution to fit your specific needs. Because the Payrix platform is built by developers for developers, you get technology that fits your platform, your way. Control your user experience with our API. Matching your payments with your brand. Creating intuitive payments that fit your customers’ needs while you capture more revenue from every transaction. Payrix is dedicated to helping you squeeze every drop of potential from this Embedded Payment model. We’ll help you scale up your operations now, refine your payment strategy for the future, and drive additional revenue with each transaction. Embedded Payments are within your reach. Get a personalized demo today.

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