JobNimbus’ experience working with Payrix team

Updated on July 5, 2023

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    Looking back at our experience a few things happened. We obviously found the right fit with Payrix. We knew very clearly what gaps we had and Payrix came in and filled those right at the beginning. And so part of our go-to-market and implementation strategy was to go connect with other companies who had used Payrix and really understand how they went about implementing the product. And two was you gotta understand your customer profile. How are contractors taking payments? That varies very differently from how somebody in a retail location might take a payment. We spent several, several months if not years before this really understanding and getting very close to our contractors about how they like to take payments – be it through at the door, at the time of estimate, or down payment, or at a milestone payment through the project. And we really built the configuration and the integration and product offering offering to match the needs of our contractors. That was key so that in the time that it came to launch the product we knew that there weren’t going to be adoption issues. So first is finding the right partner fit, second would be understanding the product fit, and then third is really structuring the teams internally so that you can keep pace with the adoption. When you’re going after a large customer base or even point-of-sale, you need to be able to have the infrastructure to facilitate that. And so that’s really our three-step process to success of how we implemented payments at JobNimbus.

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