Partner success management

Updated on January 5, 2024

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    Andy Meadows, Head of Partner Launch & Partner Success Management

    Partner success management we think of as bifurcated motion. One is helping new partners that are new to payments and sometimes new to an embedded payments strategy, help build their go to market strategy.

    We think about A, you got to have the training and education both for your sales team and support teams. B – you’ve got to have an understanding of the overall sales motion. And then C – you’ve got to think about how do you message your new integrated payment solution to your existing customers, how to you message it to the market for the net new customers you are trying to gain.

    The second way we think about partner success management is long term portfolio growth strategies. And portfolio grown can be revenue perspective and can be from a customer experience perspective, but we try to lean in with our partners and help them think what is their payments strategy in year one and how is that different from year two, year three and beyond.

    And through that two-pronged approach, launch and portfolio growth, we provide a white glove service that truly allows us to differentiate and allows our partners to differentiate themselves in the market.

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