What to expect from implementation

Updated on January 5, 2024

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    Rachel Henin, Director of Implementation

    The implementation process scales on average about 50 days, but we have a couple different options. We love to meet partners where they are at in their payments journey and so some are well versed and are ready to do a full-fledged API integration – and then others we want to get them up and running as soon as possible and then maybe bring them back to implementation to do a second project and get them even more integrated into our platform.

    What sets us apart from other partners that are offering implementation is we provide dedicated personnel from the implementation team, so every partner gets implementation project manager as well as an implementation engineer and both of them are responsible from a technical aspect as well as a project manager aspect. You know, making sure the partner is completing their tasks but also there to have one on one conversations, be available to them, help them get through the integration. Which just goes back to we want to be available to our partners no matter where there at within their payments experience.

    Before we were providing this white glove service, partners were taking, on average, about a year to get through implementation and having these people available and guiding them through that process we’ve now brought that down on average to about fifty days to get through implementation. Which just allows them to start processing and monetizing payments and making money sooner than later.

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