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Updated on January 5, 2024

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    My team really is our technology and product expert for our platforms, and we work hand in hand during the sales process and in support of our existing customers to really be that subject matter expert, to guide them through the process. As well as bringing on new products, or features, or services we want to make sure that all of our partners’ integrations are optimized and they’re getting the most benefit from our ecosystem.

    So, the approach my team takes is highly consultative. I’ve got a large team that has varying payments expertise as well as expertise from the SaaS industry. So, it’s pretty exciting that we can take that high touch approach with our partners and really guide them through the things that we are the expert at. We really want to be your payments expert, your embedded payments expert. That lets our partners really focus on what their software does well.

    So, some of the pain points or use cases that my team helps to solve for our partners, are anything from – what is the optimized transaction processing integration for a card present use case all the way to different funding and billing use cases because with our platform your goal is to monetize payments. Our platform allows a lot of different configurations to help you to do that depending upon your vertical. So, my team helps walk you through and design what’s best for your solution.

    The response we get from our partners is generally they are pretty excited that there’s someone that is an expert on the other side that is helping design exactly what they need to do with their platform. They don’t have to have that platform expertise out of the gate. Our goals are to give a roadmap of what their implementation might look like so when they do a project with our implementation team or go to market team they are set up for success.

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