What’s more important: SaaS revenue or payments revenue?

Updated on March 5, 2023

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    It depends on the business and where they’re at. There are companies where the software is a gateway to payments revenue and so there’s no question – we’re gonna give the software away for free because it’s gonna unlock payments volume and we know that’s far more valuable. There are other places where you have to offer embedded payments to be competitive in the marketplace and maybe it’s a really heavy ACH market, and it’s super high ticket and we’re not going to be getting north of 100 basis points on that. So it’s a different revenue generation opportunity but it’s crucial to the success of the core platform.

    Nate, you’re living it and breathing it every single day. What’s more important to JobNimbus, the SaaS revenue you generate off your end users or the payments revenue that you’re starting to pump through the platform?

    Our journey with payments coming in alongside the core platform revenue has been interesting. It’s been really exciting because now we’re really starting to be able to test and see that revenue stream get some legs and start running. And so, somewhat similar, I think it’s gonna depend on the stage. Right now, both are very, very important but it is exciting to go and test where you’ve got this tried and true core revenue platform stream, and you know what works and how to execute there. And for us at JobNimbus, it’s so much fun because we get to go test and figure out what’s getting adopted and what’s making this go crazy. So it’s gonna vary but I think having a firm strategy around both is key.

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