Why Embedded Payments in the platform are key

Updated on January 15, 2023

  • Transcript

    Having an embedded payments solution within our platform does a lot for the contractor. If you put yourself in a position where you’re a roofer and you just did a big material order or landed a big job, we’re not talking about a couple hundred dollars, we’re talking thousands of dollars for these roofing and solar jobs. And so cash flow is a big deal. When these contractors have the ability to take that upfront payment or down deposit at the point of sale or estimate, that’s the first door that opens for them that enables their cash flows to go through the system so that they can go through and get the materials ordered. They can keep not only this job, but other jobs moving and they’re not hamstrung across the process. It’s a huge enabler for the contractor to have a deeply embedded payment solution in the platform.

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