Why iClassPro chose the PayFac®️ model for their software

Updated on May 18, 2023

  • Transcript

    I’m Greg Hatcher, Head of Payments at iClassPro. So, iClassPro is a software platform focused on class-based businesses. We serve primarily gymnastics academies, swim schools, dance, cheerleading, activities like that for the youth. And it was founded by a former Olympian who was running a gymnastics academy himself and really felt that there was a better way to run his business. So, he took it into his own hands. And there’s a lot of payment needs, and financial needs in these businesses. They’re often small business owners that really need our expertise to help them run their business better. There’s a lot of value in being a PayFac®, I think. For us, we’ve got scale where it makes a lot of sense, so there’s monetary benefits to it. But really from my perspective, it’s all about controlling the user experience. So it really gives you end to end control over what that looks like for your software customer. It can create an experience where they don’t feel like they’re being taken somewhere else or having to engage with another company or a different software platform. It truly feels like it’s all you.

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