Why JobNimbus chose Payrix

Updated on May 4, 2023

  • Transcript

    My name’s Nate Wilson. I’m the Director of Ancillary Revenue for JobNimbus. JobNimbus is all about making contractors hero’s. That’s our mission. So when we were out there looking for different payment processors, this wasn’t a new experience for us. We had been with a couple of existing processors, so we knew what we wanted in a partner and in a solution, an integration. Payrix really rose to the top for a few reasons. One of those was our ability to onboard very, very rapidly our customers, our merchants. We didn’t want them to have to go through this pain-staking process of sometimes weeks or a month-long onboarding process. We wanted the ability to get them on, get them using the product as fast as possible. In addition to that, we wanted a really deep integration. We wanted the ability to match the needs and the demands of our contractors so that they can truly be hero’s to their customers and either make that down-payment at the door or collect that one-off payment while they’re sitting at home in the office through whatever means necessary. Payrix really comes in and solves for that.

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