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Get the best out of payment facilitation while we take on the complexities of underwriting and compliance.

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Enhance your competitive edge with PayFac-as-a-Service

  • Create a payments integration designed to your customers’ needs
  • Tap into a team with decades of experience in payments and SaaS
  • Control the payment experience — from onboarding to servicing
  • Build new revenue streams to invest back into your software
Payments are fuel for the rest of the business. The revenue we generate goes directly back into building the software out. Greg hatcher head of payments, iClassPro
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The possibilities of PayFac-as-a-Service with Payrix


ROI after moving from prior payments solution


higher potential margin


less fraud
& nonpayment


faster deployment

Dedicated teams guiding you to rapid success

Partner with payments experts and solutions consultants to build a unique, successful program tailored to your business.

Optimize your experience with a solutions consulting team

One size doesn’t fit all. We tailor our approach based on your business, needs, and goals.

  • Benefit from a highly consultative partnership
  • Work hand-in-hand with technology and product experts
  • Build and design an integration based on your vertical
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Explore the Forrester Total Economic Impact™ study that found a 264% ROI with Payrix

Boost your PayFac-as-a-Service implementation

We meet you where you are in your payment experience. That means getting you where you want to be faster.

  • Select the implementation plan that’s right for you
  • Work with a dedicated project manager and engineer
  • Fast track your path to processing and revenue realization
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Enjoy a go-to-market strategy designed for your ongoing success

Benefit from dedicated teams that will arm you with a go-to-market strategy — from launch to long-term growth

  • Get training for your sales and support teams
  • Develop messaging that resonates with current and new customers
  • Craft a payments strategy that supports growth milestones
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Looking for a lighter payments
integration lift?

Explore referral payments — generate a steady revenue stream without operational intricacies.
It’s your simplest path to payments monetization.

Payment experiences designed for your software

Unleash powerful Embedded Payments technology that delivers a better experience.