Payrix Awards Q2 Employee of the Quarter with Donation to Non-Profit of Choice

Engineering Manager, Cesar Luiz selects Muscular Dystrophy Association

We see how much our employees move our business forward everyday at Payrix. It is their passion and relentlessness for customer success that empowers SaaS clients serving vertical markets like education, field services, practice management and more to pursue their vision — whether it’s growth, innovation, expansion or a different vision.

Inside and outside of Payrix, our team is driven by passion, payments and possibilities. To celebrate their individual contributions, we recognize one special person each quarter for the strides they’ve made in getting us closer to achieving our vision of becoming the global leader in embedded payments.

In a company-wide meeting earlier this year, Payrix proudly announced Cesar Luiz, Engineering Manager for the Core API platform, as the Employee of the Quarter for Q2. Cesar is the centerpoint of so many development and engineering projects. By fellow Payrix team members, Cesar is described as, “having his fingerprints on nearly every project and the epitome of being always there to help.”

Cesar shared with us in a Q&A session that he was not working towards this kind of recognition and rather focusing on what he does best. He is proud to be recognized and explained how software engineers, especially backend developers, can often be overlooked because the impact of their work isn’t always seen.

“I’m glad to demonstrate to the rest of the engineering team that they can get this recognition. Payrix values everyone, the company is paying attention to its employees and knows you’re there and values your work.”

Along with Cesar’s recognition, Payrix has given him a sizable donation to a charity of his choice and he chose the Muscular Dystrophy Association due to a personal connection. His nephew, who is also his godson, was diagnosed with Duchenne, a rare and aggressive form of Muscular Dystrophy with no cure. 

Cesar hopes to see the donation put towards finding a cure for Duchenne — and to advance research for other types of Muscular Dystrophy. There are a number of associated trials and experimental drugs, so he would like to see the money not only used to advance research but to also fund children and families’ access to these trials and drugs to potentially improve their lives.

In 2021, Payrix will honor four employees, including Cesar, for their impact on the business. This achievement combines the fun of recognition with a philanthropic element in support of Payrix Cares, an internal-driven initiative that aims to create more opportunities for nonprofits, charities and organizations in our local communities. Get to know us here.