Digital marketing for SaaS providers: How to promote Embedded Payments

Updated on April 17, 2024

Congratulations! You’ve decided to offer Embedded Payments to your customers. Adding Embedded Payments gives you an exciting opportunity to grow your business and solve real pain points for your customers. And solving pain points for your business owner customers are important, with 80% of business owners stating that accepting multiple payment types is vital to their success and one in five businesses reporting that they would switch software providers to be able to accept all the payment types their customers want today.  

To attract more software users, retain your existing customer base, and stay competitive, Embedded Payments is the key to unlocking long-term success. However, to capture success you’ll need to promote your new payments offering with customers and prospects. We created a simple guide to help you market your payments offering.  

Marketing for SaaS providers: Spreading the word

The best time to begin marketing your new Embedded Payments offering is during your implementation and testing phase, so, as you prepare for launch, be sure to consider the following: 

Your unique value proposition

Every strategic marketing push begins with creating a campaign that embodies and demonstrates your value proposition. To help get your creative ideas flowing, we have shared Payrix’s value prop below as an example.  

Payrix is an Embedded Payments solution that empowers software companies to create stickier and more profitable platforms. We make it easier for B2B platforms to create and own the most frictionless payments experience for their merchants. Payrix acts as an extension of the platform, providing powerful payments technology that delivers the exact look and feel that platforms want, and comes with white glove service from experts who help drive merchant activation and revenue.

Your business objectives

Before you begin your marketing campaign, it’s important to identify your business and marketing objectives. For example: How many new customers do you want to onboard in the first 60 days? How many existing customers do you want to migrate, and how many new leads do you want to generate? Knowing your objectives upfront will help you customize your marketing plan and measure your results. 

Your target audience

Your marketing campaign should address potential new customers, but what other audiences should you consider? Existing customers, employees, suitable commercial partners, and other external stakeholders can all be a great source of referrals and new revenue that will grow your business. 

Your messaging

You understand the specific payment needs and challenges of your customers, so include messaging in your marketing materials that address the ways in which Embedded Payments can solve their pain points. Outline the most important messages before you launch so you can be sure to communicate those messages in everything you do. 

Your marketing brief

The best marketing campaigns are holistic and bring your message into the overall value of your entire solution across channels and formats. Your efforts can include website pages, social posts, emails, and more. To ensure you’ve covered all your marketing bases, create a launch brief for your campaign that includes lists of marketing outlets, key messages, and budgets to help you stay on track. 

Your internal and external communications approach

While you’re busy communicating externally to your customers and prospects, don’t forget to communicate to your internal audiences of employees, partners, and even friends and family. Customize the communications to be sure you’re providing the right messages to the right audience at the right time. 

Here are a few marketing ideas for software companies to explore:

  • Embedded Payments demo

    Create a quick demo walking users through how frictionless your payments experience is. Call out the benefits, such as omnichannel payments and having everything customers need to accept payments in one portal

  • Email campaign

    Create an email marketing sequence about the benefits of Embedded Payments and send it to new leads and existing customers. A good email marketing initiative can be amplified with outbound calls from your sales and customer success teams.  

  • Embedded Payments website page

    Explain your Embedded Payments offering, pricing, FAQs, and more on a website page to help customers (both new and old) understand your new payment functionality.  

  • Social media posts and platform messaging

    Find helpful nuggets of information or repurpose your website page or email campaign messaging and share them on your social media channels or within your platform experience  

  • Customer testimonials

    Collect customer quotes or write/produce a full-fledged case study and include this customer-centric content on your website, social media, and email campaigns, to show your customers how they can take advantage of Embedded Payments like their fellow business owners. 

With any marketing campaign, you’ll want to track results and key performance metrics (KPIs). If you do an email nurture campaign to existing customers, what’s your open rate? How does that compare to your typical email open rate? If you publish social media content to create awareness, are your engagement metrics increasing?  

Achieving your business goals with Embedded Payments

Today’s business owners expect diverse and convenient payment options in their management software. This evolution is driven by advancing technology and changing consumer preferences. Providing a frictionless, unified payments experience is essential for you to grow your customer base, keep your users satisfied, and your business successful. Having a well-thought out marketing plan to promote your new payments offering is an integral piece too.  

Payrix offers our software provider partners custom marketing strategies and tools from experienced marketing professionals in the financial technology space to help you achieve your goals and then some. Here’s a sneak peek at the Marketing Resource Center we provide to every Payrix partner to set them up for optimal success.  


Are you still deciding on which Embedded Payments solution and partnership is right for you? We’d love to show you how we’ve helped software companies like yours achieve 264% lift in ROI compared to their previous Embedded Payments solution and deploy Embedded Payments 40% faster.  

Request a demo with a member of the team and we’ll show you how easy Embedded Payments can be with Payrix in your corner.  

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