Executive Spotlight: Brittany Clark

Updated on May 5, 2023


Meet the Head of Marketing for Payrix — Value Starts with Understanding

From studying and working in international affairs to becoming a global product marketing leader, Brittany’s love for getting to know different people and cultures has been the cornerstone of her success.

“I’ve always enjoyed getting to know new people, spaces, and perspectives, and I think that can drive stand-out marketing within the payments space. Putting ourselves in the position of our customers, understanding their questions and concerns, and trying to make their journey easier are real ways marketing can add value to our customer’s businesses.”

Before joining the team at Payrix and Worldpay for Platforms, Brittany led marketing teams at Diligent, Mailchimp and Etsy, diving deep into the needs of B2B SaaS companies and delivering personalized, engaging experiences that build long-term, loyal customers.

“In the B2B SaaS space, our customers become more successful by making their customers happy. With Payrix, we don’t just need to understand our customers. We also need to understand what drives our customers’ customers, what success looks like to them, the pain points they face and how our payments software helps them overcome their challenges. Through that lens we set ourselves, our customers, and their users up for success.”

The Path to Payrix

When contemplating a new career opportunity, Brittany examines three aspects of a company: Product Market Fit, Customer Stories, and Leadership. Payrix and Worldpay for Platforms checked all her boxes. Payrix customer success stories convinced her to take the role, as customers told the stories of how Payrix technology drove meaningful value for their customers and made their businesses more successful.

“Payrix is on the front wave of the payments industry with a huge market opportunity to make other software companies more successful with payments. With a ton of payments experts coming together, enabling a big incumbent software company like Worldpay to take the market from a different angle using Payrix technology, we have a big leg up and real opportunity to shape the market.”

Making the Most of the Opportunity

Since B2B software customers are a savvy audience that do their homework and know what they want going in, there’s a ton that goes into making their experience with Payrix better.

“We put a lot of thought and effort into how we talk about the space, the category we’re in, and how our solution is unique and drives value for customer. It’s not about selling a product. It’s about being a partner to our customers from the time they start interacting with our marketing content, all the way through to onboarding and implementation.”

“The best companies help you understand your needs state and the solutions they have that will drive value for your business. That’s exactly what we’re trying to do.”

Just for Fun

What drives value for Brittany? In addition to her role at Payrix and Worldpay for Platforms, she loves traveling and spending time outdoors, camping, hiking, and backpacking with her family. Their annual summer trips to Olympic National Park are near and dear to her heart.

If you’re looking for something new to explore, she recommends:

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