Enable acceptance anytime, anywhere with Omnichannel

Omnichannel is sophisticated technology to merge online and offline payments making reconciliation and tracking cleaner.

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Adopted by software companies across North America

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One platform. Every channel.

Simplify the tech stack your merchants need for a unified and secure customer payment journey with omnichannel payment solutions.

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Seamless integration

One connection enables multiple channels for payment transaction, security, and reporting.

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Multiple channels

Online, mobile, POS, and other payment channels that scale.

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Customer experience and engagement

Extend beyond transactions to craft an exceptional customer experience at every touchpoint.

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Built for scale

Designed to evolve and meet current and future expectations from your merchants and their customers.

An omnichannel payment solution without the complexity

  • Bring together a consolidated view of payments powered by your platform
  • A holistic payments experience that helps merchants boost their loyalty and satisfaction
  • Leverage front-end (online, mobile, in-store) and back-end (payment gateway) infrastructure without heavy engineering
  • Coupled with Omnitoken, card transactions are tokenized for re-use, increasing cross-selling opportunities
  • Fully reconcile your multi-channel payment transactions with ease
  • Enhance your software offering by providing your merchants with an innovative omnichannel approach that scales

Strong omnichannel engagement strategies retain 89% of customers on average

Fuel merchant delight by enabling seamless customer journeys that inspire loyalty and surpass expectations. Your software platform powers their business because their success is your success.

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Payment acceptance products, your way

Explore more products for software payment acceptance.

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Payment experiences designed for your software

Unleash powerful Embedded Payments technology that delivers on a better experience.