Remain competitive and strategize long-term success with Embedded Payments

Modern software companies leverage Embedded Payment from Payrix and Worldpay to stay ahead of their competitors and set themselves up for sustainable success.

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What happens when a software company partners with an Embedded Payments solution to gain a competitive edge?

You understand the opportunity payments provide your business and the need to tailor your software to match your customers’ exact needs, including combining online and offline payments. But that’s only one piece of the payments puzzle.

  • Provide the latest payment innovations.
  • Give your software the wow-factor with Embedded Finance products, like Worldpay Capital.
  • Maximize your hidden revenue potential.
  • Access support and strategic payments guidance for long-term success.
With Payrix, we’re able to build a next-generation payments platform with easy onboarding, unique and superior functionality, and comparable pricing that can serve all of our customers. John Durrett General Manager of Payments, Storable
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How to get started on your Embedded Payments journey

Select your Embedded Payments model. Determine the Embedded Payments partnership that makes sense for you—PayFac-as-a-Service, PayFac, and Referral Payments.

Launch in market. Dedicated support from an implementation team who will develop a plan to get Embedded Payments up and running in no time.

Onboard merchants. With an advanced, automated boarding process, Payrix from Worldpay can help you get your merchant customers ready to process payments in minutes not months.

Offer value-added services for customers. Attract more customers, drive more revenue, and deepen customer relationships by leveraging our solution consultants and deploying the financial products your customers want.